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Raw or Natural diet for Devon Rex kitties

Hi, if the discussion topic has already been posted before, I am sorry for asking again.  I am curious to learn more about raw and natural diet for my Devon and my furkid at home. I do want to feed the food that are best for my kitties. So far, my 1 year old Devon has no issue with which ever the cat food brand I may feed them. Right now, they are on Iams or Blue Indoor health dry food and they get wet food 4 or  5 times a week also by Iams or Blue grain free. In my search for next Devon kitty, I came in a contact with a breeder out of Arizona. and he recommended Orijen brand which I am going to try as well. I, for myself, try not to consume "processed" food as much as possible because what goes in them. And in the end, kibbles are what I consider "processed" food which are not natural to feline's diet. I know that some cat food is much better than the other brands while some store brands are just not good for cats at all. I am just wondering if there is anyone out there who is successfully keeping their beloved Devon kitties on either raw or natural diets? I wold appreciate information you may share. Thank you!


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  • Hi Tam,

    our Devons get raw meet and only dry food with has no grain. Thay love the raw food very much. We use chicken and beef. Also they get wet food with 100% meet in it.

    They love it and feel wonderful and are healthy all the time.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Dania,

    Thank you for your comment. I am going to start trying chicken and beef. Would you give skinless chicken or include fat and skin all together? Do you cut them in small pieces or in chunks? I suppose no bones for Devon...

    • It is important to feed bones (or add calcium) and organs with the muscle meat or the diet is not balanced. Take a look at my post in response to Alis in the Health and Nutrition section. There are some links for sites you can look at for information on how to feed a balanced raw diet. It's important to understand it all before you switch to raw or there will be nutritional deficiencies.

  • Hi Tam,

    you can give also skin and fat. We make different pieces, some smaller and some bigger chunks. We not feed the bones but I know some people who also give the bones.


  • Thank you, Dania. I am going to start maybe slowly introducing raw feed to my kitties with chicken meat, fat and skins, cut up in small pieces to begin with.  If I buy meat (chicken and beef cuts) do I need to pre-freeze them first to kill bacteria or can I just open the package and cut them up to feed him?

  • Hi Tam,

    you can fead fresh chicken without freez it before. To freeze the meat do not kill bacteria as I know. Cats who are outside cats also eat meat whitout freeze or cook it. ;-)

    We never had probelmes with bacteria neither with other issiue because of feeding raw.


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