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Red rash


My three year old devon has just developed a terrible rash on his lower tummy, inside back legs and under his arm.

He will not leave it alone so I think it must be really itchy. 

I have not changed his diet so am doubtful it could be from allergies.

I plan to take him to the vet; however in the meantime is there anything I could put on it that may help? he just seems to lick everything off so would need to be extra careful about what I put on him.

I bathed him in a Cat/Dog itch relief shampoo but it didn't help and made him smell really bad.  

Any help that anyone may be able to provide would be appreciated. 

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  • Hi Sandra, try Malaseb lotion (shampoo), it's great.
    It sounds like a contact rash, hopefully the Vet can give you some answers.
    Edited to add, I just looked at the photos, that looks really nasty. Poor boy.
  • Thanks Nicole.

    I have noticed on a few other discussions that people recommend Malaseb Lotion. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where I would get that in the town where I live.

    He is booked into the vet for later today. Am counting down the hours because I hate seeing my boy like this. 

  • Hi Sandra, could it be a heat rash.  I was also going to suggest Malaseb.  I buy it from the vet.  Good luck & let us know how he goes.

  • Hi Joy,

    I initially thought it was a heat rash because at first it was just in the folds of his skin. Its just the last day or so that it has turned nasty.

    He had a similar condition when he was about 9 months old; however it was more on his chest area then. The vet did skin tests for allergens, along with a biopsy for an immune deficiency problem which thankfully came back negative. They ended up giving him a steroid injection and I kept a light cotton baby singlet on him so he couldn't lick or bite it and it cleared up within a few days.

    This time, with it being on his lower body it is much harder to keep covered (I suppose I could put pants on him but not sure how he would feel about that. Ha ha).

    I will ask the vet about Malaseb. 

  • I have been to the vet and she says he has a skin infection, possibly from flea dermatitis. I haven't actually seen any fleas on him but it is summer here so they are at their worst at the moment. They have given me a course of antibiotics for him so hopefully that will do the trick and I can go back to smooshing his little pink tummy again soon. :-P

    I also asked about Malaseb and they do have it there and may buy some in the future. She said she would rather I try the tablets first.

    Thanks for your advice. 

  • That's a good call.  I hope he starts to improve

  • Hi Sandra,

    Ouch, oh the poor little guy. You must be so worried :-(

    It could be a contact rash but if it doesn't clear up, I just wanted to mention - when I was growing up, our 2 dogs had terrible skin/rash problems. The vet always put it down to flea allergies. They spent their lives getting injections/flea treatments that never did any good. 

    Before getting my cats, I did a ton of research. I know many people may not agree (I hope I don't step on toes) but (although you can never be certain of anything) I'm now almost certain our dogs' skin problems were food-related.

    I do a lot of research in science & I don't think it's even an 'allergy' thing. I think it's the inability of cats (and dogs) to break-down hard-to-process foods, like carbohydrates. I think skin problems can occur even after they've been eating the same food for long time. I think it wears down their immune system to a point where they eventually react. Nb humans are omnivores and we've been eating grains since around 10,000-8,000 BC, and many of us haven't had enough time to evolve the ability to break them down with ease. Cats are strict carnivores & have only been domesticated very recently.

    Wheat & corn are the hardest to process (rice, the easiest). You might want to check if there's wheat or corn (or possibly by-products) in your kitties food.  

    Note - I'm not saying cats can't cope with carbs. I just think, when they have more sensitive systems, it can affect their immune systems. I also could be way off with your cat. There may be a simple cause & it may clear up quickly. I know food is a sensitive issue, so I hope I haven't upset anyone :-( I just thought, maybe it's something to look into if all else fails (& the problem persists).

  • Thanks. I do try to avoid giving him anything with wheat in it because the breeder I got him from told me the same thing. She said other cat breeds (like DSH) are more tolerant of it; however it should not be given to a Devon.
    After checking his records the vet said that it was around this time of year that he had a similar issue before which is what made her think it was a seasonal problem.
    I think the antibiotics are starting to kick in now because I have noticed an improvement this afternoon. :-)
  • Ah ok, he's just had a bad reaction to something, poor little fella :'-( Great news that he's improving, I hope he recovers quickly :-)
  • I am still having issues with this rash. It isn't as bad but it hasn't completely cleared up either. I have just bought some Malseb shampoo today to see how that goes. 

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