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Hello, it is with much regret that I post this message. I need to find a suitable loving home for my 7 year old Devon Rex, Rupert. Rupert has always had a little evil streak (which I adore) but he is also a very loving a smoochy little man. He is quite timid and a little highly strung and in this last year has been quite stressed out and anxious. We are a 3 cat household and Rupert is not coping with the competition.(I wish I knew this before hand - also getting rid of the other cats is definitely not an option) We also live in a rural area and have many strange cats visiting (which he hates! and is beyond our control) In the last six months Rupert has been spraying everywhere in and out of the house, even though he has been fixed. We have tried every avenue to avoid this behaviour but unfortunately nothing has worked. I just think he is a very unhappy little chap. He is currently at my mothers house (no other cats apart from the neighbours which don't seem to bother him) and he has not sprayed once. He is a lot more relaxed there and is happy although my parents  cannot take him permanently. I would love to find a permanent home for him within the Geelong region, preferably one with no other cats. He is used to friendly dogs (we have a lab) although doesn't like them much. He's used to kids (I have an 11 and 12 year old) although he has scratched younger children if they get too close. He has also bitten people in the past also if they don't give him enough space. Although in saying all this (I don't want you to get the impression that he's the devils spawn) he loves children who approach quietly and slowly. He loves being around the family and often perches on my shoulder to be carried around. Night time on my lap is his favourite place (or snuggled around my neck or right in my face!) He is a loving, beautiful cat - I really do adore him and it breaks my heart to lose him,  it's just that we cannot provide a happy home for him any longer. Can anyone please help?

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  • He sounds like a typical Devon with plenty of cattitude Katalin! 

    The territorial marking would be from stress and it certainly sounds like he is unhappy being part of a multi-cat home. 

    I will share this post on our Facebook page for you as well.. we did have a couple of members looking for adult Devons a little while ago. Also check through the posts in our Rescue and re-homing Group

    Oh, and if you have any photos please add some in to the post. I added your profile pic into the post for you. 

  • Thank you very much Nicole. I will try and add some more photos now.

  • Have you managed to find him a new home Katalin? 

    Hi Nicole, I spoke to my Mum yesterday about Rupert and she did admit that he's grown on her. My parents both insisted that they didn't want to keep him permanently but he's settled into such a lovely routine with them. She said that if I could find a suitable home for him before Christmas then that's fine but otherwise it looks like she's happy to keep him. I don't want to "take him off the re-homeing list" just yet in case there was someone that was desperate for him, but selfishly I'm kinda hoping there wont be any interest.  Thank you for your help with all this Smile.gif

  • That is wonderful news!

  • Hi is Rupert still looking for a new home? I have a passion for Devon's and have rehomed a few . I have a family that are keen to adopt a devon and would shower Rupert with lots of love. Whilst they have minded friends pets they long for a permanent devon to love life long. Please let me know if Rupert would like to be there special furbaby. I can collect Rupert as I'm in Geelong weekly taking our 95 yo father for an outing. Best wishes Allison.
  • Copy of Katalin's status updates below. Great news Katalin!

    Katalin Fletcher posted a status

    "I am so very pleased with this arrangement as we can still visit him often and my Mum does spoil him - just as he deserves!! Yay!!"
    16 hours ago
    Katalin Fletcher posted a status
    "and he doesn't suffer from any more kitty anxiety as he is now in a one cat home."
    16 hours ago
    Katalin Fletcher posted a status
    "He has settled in wonderfully there. Although there are other cats in the neighbourhood, they have an understanding"
    16 hours ago
    Katalin Fletcher posted a status
    "Hi everyone, I though I should update Rupert's status. My mother has decided to let me keep him at her house now."
    16 hours ago
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