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hi, theres a more than slight chance that we may move home in 2013 , since we have half restored this old brick bungalow, but want to be a wee bit closer to where the husband works so his day isnt so long, also can still use our original vets hospital inside half an hrs - we have discounted an old cosy country cottage, we did that long ago - and we really want to think about buying a brand new build because theres some beautiful small select developments in our local areas of the UK - we saw one example today, a teo and a half storey semi house, superb location, views, silent, with a large open plan italian style kitchen cum diner area, easy stairs from the ground floor with its integral garage and small forunt lawns, up to a formal lounge area and a juliet style balcony with rails but no safety screens of course ! theres then another half floor, after a large bed room with washbasin/loo - ab ideal for the indoor felines - with skylights like anne of green gables in the book, another bedroom right in the attic eaves, adored this - and bathroom as well ! thing is - it also would come with a small rear enclosed yard area, about right size for a rectangular catrun of right design from the french windows and also enough room for a paved surround plus a small splashpool of - ps we are in fact about to have our ecisting place valued soon - but - because we know some of oyu live in other asstd. countries where cats have always to be kept inside anyway by rules and regs. - what do you do? how do you design for rooms with fresh airs? for windows etcs? really want to know..think a few UK firms do this, but....if we do buy a brand new house, we want to get it ab right for the 8 devons, the big m coone, a couple of bolshie anti social siam/balis and our baby sphynx son, who of course has to be extrefine TLCed etc. - thanks, ps please post some pictures of bright ideas on this thread....we are way way behind in britain doing cat-designs for our homes !!

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  • Hi there,


    We had the same problem with windows, as we live on quite a busy road. So summertime we could only have the windows on the night vent.  We bought some bite proof cat mesh from zooplus, my husband, (who is also an engineer), made frames to fit the specific said windows and covered them with the cat proof mesh using metal staples, he also made a giant frame for the patio door, my Devons have tried to bite and dig at the mesh and they can't get through it. It's made late summer evenings great again, as we can have the doors & windows open again letting in the fresh air, and keeping the cats in.


    Hope this is some help


  • thanks, 

  • It sounds wonderful Babs. Moving will be an experience with all your family though.

  • We had a problem with our Burmese last Summer, where he kept ripping the mesh off one of our sliding doors and escaping out into the yard. We ended up getting animal mesh, which sounds similar to what Penny has. Since we put that on we haven't had a problem as it is very strong. If you end up with an enclosed yard area perhaps there is a way you can make it escape proof for the cats and they can wander in and out safely. I know some people that have managed to do that. They have used a system similar to this:

  • thanks all, move wont be yet, pos spring 2013, house sales slow here  in the UK - but still thinking seriously about it and will give us time to get some more diy done here, market  bungalow complete with cattery and runs of course...all depends...Smile.gif

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