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Skin Issues/Devon Bumps.

My 12 week old little Boy (Boy is his name) has developed a rash around his neck (only on the neck) with small bumps that look similar to mosquito bites. The skin has been broken on a few of these bumps. I havent seen him scratch them, and they dont seem to annoy him, as he eats/plays/sleeps normally.

He is an indoor seal point si-rex with a fairly curly coat, but in the last week he has lost some fur from the affected area around the neck.
We have had him for 3 weeks but this rash has only broken out in the last week.
His diet has consisted of kitten milk, whiskas kitten wet food (assorted meats) and more recently added friskies kitten dry food.

I have read a few case studies where the symptoms are similar but I don't think it is urticaria pigmentosa as its not on the belly or legs.

I have stopped feeding him the friskies dry food, as I read a similar case study where the kitten was allergic to mainstream packaged food. Since stopping the rash has gotten a little better, but has not completely gone away. I have also read that I should try kangaroo, rabbit and lamb for a trial of 8 weeks to try and eliminate the trigger of the reaction.

I was going to try making some food changes particularly to products specialised for skin conditions, but I'm finding information hard to source.

If you have knowledge or experience in this area, please forward some suggestions.

We are making a visit to the vet on Friday, so I will update with any breakthroughs.

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