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Skin problems

Hi all, im looking for some advice.

We have a 13 week old devon baby girl called molly. We got a devon due to my hubby being allergic to cats.

Over the past 5 days molly has been getting lumps on her neck and chest area, she has scratched some of them and the skin is broken.
The vet is treating them symptomatically first before putting her thru a biopsy, she is having antibiotic's.
I have looked on the net and found that Devon's have alot of different skin problems.

Any one have the same or similar problems? Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

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  • Thanks Tammy, i spoke to the breeder this morning who has lots of advice but the problem is everything she says butts heads with my vet.
    To be honest i think the vet has little knowledge about the special needs of devons and could do some googleing. The vet says kittens dont get food allergies and wont sell me the food the breeder is suggesting, she also wont sell the cream suggested by the breeder. I just cried at the vet surgury. Grrr.

    I am just going to feed her dry only (i have royal canin baby) and wash all her stuff in sensitive wash powder and hope it clears up. I just wish i had something to put on her scratches.
  • This is a common thing in sheer coated Devons. Try oatmeal wash available at most vets. I had a girl with this and she grew out of it.
  • I must also mention I went through a similar experience at the vet. They had no idea really about skin problems and were just trying things like antibiotics etc. I went home and did the research on the net then returned to the vet with my findings. This can be very frustrating particularly with vets not used to the breed. In most cases ask the breeders especially the old breeders they generally will have the right answers.
  • Thanks Karolyn, i have bought some oatmeal wash but don't want to use it to often. Im also going to switch her dry food as the lumps seem to improve over night then get worse during the day.
    Another thing i was thinking was getting a jumper with a longer neck for her to try and stop the scratching. Did your girl scratch her lumps?
    The vet thing is totally frustrating! They hate to be challenged and see is as an insult especially when you mention the breeder said this.... Grrr
  • I have had a simulair problem with one of my devons. She has a sort of contact allergy, for some brands of cat litter, even the wood ones. I also knows she responds on several types of food. I can't give her wet food (found out she doesn't respond to Animonda). I also give her grain free dry food and raw meat and haven't had any problems since. She gets small round spots, at first the vet thought of ringworm, but the test came out negative, then I soon found out about the allergies, just by testing several kinds of food. Oh and she also responds to fish in dry food.

    It is worth to try some good brands of dry food without grains and with only natural anti oxidants.
  • please discuss long term effects of pred with your vet, so you know the risks.
  • we use hypercal a natural cream we use this on our dogs and cats you can get this from health stores, as its natural it will not hurt your cat.
  • My Chocolate mink Devon has skin problems and has had a lot of steriods. I have found that Paw Paw cream seems to work to help sooth the scratches and if you apply it 3 times a day it might make a difference..
  • In my almost 30 years experience with Devon Rex, Sphynx and my Irish Wolfhounds, anything with a skin irritation benefits enormously by coming off dried food - full of carbohydrates, sugars, starches and preservatives - and going onto raw meat. Initially, just try one type of meat - beef seems to work best I find - and if the skin improves, that is your answer.

    My Sphynx, a breed renowned for 'ikky' skins and dirty ears, have beautiful soft smooth skin and ears that are cleaned monthly - just because I want to, not because they need it!!

    My Irish Wolfhound was almost eating her skin off as we tried to discover why she was covered in lumps and bumps. When she was 8 months old and after trying systemic and topical antibiotics, anti fungals, homeopathy and just about every diet you can shake a feather at, I discovered raw feeding and within 7 days her skin was visibly improving.

    My cats and my dogs are fed a diet in keeping with their heritage. Cats are obligate carnivores - they dont need wheat or rice or potatoes - although they do like the flavour enhancers in the dried food - but - they need meat!!

    Debra Pope said:
    My Chocolate mink Devon has skin problems and has had a lot of steriods. I have found that Paw Paw cream seems to work to help sooth the scratches and if you apply it 3 times a day it might make a difference..
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