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Spraying/peeing remedies

As most of us depending on our circumstances have spraying problems inside our houses on occasions, I thought I would relay some of the success I am having with my neutered boys using a homeopathic remedy from Holistic Animal Medicines. While it hasn't eradicated the problem entirely I have to say it is much improved and has reduced the spraying by about 80 -90%.I purchased two remedies of small homeopathic pills which are mixed with water. I put some in their water bowl and have another bottle that I use directly on Kuli. One of my neutered boys never sprayed until the second entire female appeared and he was over 4 before he started. The other never sprayed at all until I got Tobias so he is threatened by having an entire male around.The remedies areStressSpray No More (AN 001) = $25.00AUDTerritorial (Habit) Spraying 25ml (AN 002) = $25.00AUDMax doesn't like it so he only gets it in his water but Kuli goes into LALA land within half an hour of it being applied. It really does make a difference to Kuli, it is like he is contentedly out of it. Quite amazing really.Forgot to mention I also use Feliway at the same time in specific places. I was just so over my curtains being washed twice a week at one point and it was so annoying as they are new curtains and because of being washed a few of them have now shrunk. I haven't had spraying on curtains for weeks now. The floor is tiled so that is easy to clean.If the remedy is right for the purpose it seems it will work.Gill

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  • thats useful to remember thanks ps we use the feliway spray ( used to have a tabby siamese mn who would spray anything electrical he made his way through a thousand pounds worth of toasters radios tvs and even the top of the fridge freezer and onto me ! we used to call him flirt the squirt!) ps thankfully we dont have the spraying these days but sometimes the senior or lilac lad does forget himself and wnats a wee in a corner but hes almost eleven..
  • Hi Babs

    I understand totally about the spraying directly onto you. He obviously thought you belong to him and him only. It is wonderful they love us but it would be better if they could find another way to express it!!!!

    My oldest neutered boy has done that to me twice, and he also sprays on the electric jug. He was my baby for so long and I swear he suffers from separation anxiety, as when he is outside under the enclosed pergola he paces back and forth, back and forth like a caged lion. He is literally on the other side of the window from me but just can't cope with not being able to be in the same room.

    My mother lives in a separate flat attached to the house and she tells me he doesn't do it when I am not home, but he starts up again as soon as it gets to around the time I am due to get home. I blame myself to a degree as he was so spoilt as a baby because he was my first Devon and so special. He still is special, but I could certainly do without the behavioural problems at times.

    I try to make sure he gets lots of attention as it is always when he feels he is missing out that he will back up to something. He has responded the best to the homeopathic remedy and I can say that at the moment it is quite manageable. I won't have the house stinking of cat pee and at the moment we seem to have things under control. It is quite complex as there are clearly several different reasons why they spray, and you do have to get to bottom of it to control it. In our house the factors are:

    Entire females in season
    Territory with a new entire stud
    Jealousy and anxiety

    So you have to deal with all the factors to get a handle on it. The bizarre thing is my new stud who is now over a year old hasn't started to spray at all. It would be great if he continues that way but we will have to wait and see.

  • Hi Jodie

    I am not sure it would work with girls, but to be honest I haven't really tried it as it hasn't been a problem with them. Tilde is the only one that sprays very occasionally, and only when she is hormonal. She is well and truly pregnant and sprayed a couple of times a few weeks ago but she is fine now.

    She would have had the remedies in the communal water bowl, but I haven't tried the direct approach with her. I really think it depends on the reason for the spraying. With her it was only in the bedroom as she considers that her territory so she gets a bit territorial when Ripley is allowed in there at night.

    The bizarre thing is it is the pet boys that need it in this household. Given the urges of entire males and females it might not work on them as those urges are pretty strong and natural.

    It is worth a try, I am pretty impressed with it, but I think getting the right remedy that addresses the underlying cause is the key.

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