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Starting Breeding

Hi everyone,This is more so directed at current Devon or other cat breeders.I have been wondering for quite some time now if I should get into breeding.I was wondering how current breeders first started out e.g. Showing desexed cats in shows etc.Would really love to hear from everyone and any advice/tips you could provide.Thanks!

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  • Hi Desiree,

    It might be helpful for you to read some of the previous discussions in the Breeding section. They can be found here:

    There are some very helpful tips in there.

  • I was looking into breeding recently. There are plenty of breeders who just bring 2 cats together to create kitten, but if you want to do it right, you should start by talking to breeders. Find a mentor willing to coach you and bring you along as a new breeder. Showing a desexed cat isa great way to get started, but select the cat from a breeder you trust and respect. Responsible breeders follow very strict guidelines about health and health screenings, guarantees on cats placed, desexing before placement (unless it is a breeding arrangement with a trusted person,) and more. Your mentor doesn't have to be near you; technology today (email, Skype) make it easy to have a close relationship with a breeder you trust and like. Have you looked at the Devon Rex Breed Council website? You can find the criteria for an ethical and responsible breeder there. There is a lot to consider before taking on breeding, but showing your cat is a fantastic way to start to learn about the breed, the breeders and showing! 

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