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STUDS to suit a devon SI REX ???

Our one yr old si rex called CANDICANE still isnt calling - not surprised with all the awful snowed in winters - so perhaps in the springtime she will suddenly decide to stop being the purr-petual kitten and start her calls -ps she is a type B blood group by the way and am taking all the breeeders advice about whether we manage to mate her with a suuitable stud in the UK - so long since we have had our own kittens here and they were all siamese then orientals - so this would be a one and only litter if it all works well ( we couldve taken her to the catshow soon if we had suspected she still wouldnt be wowling LOL)  - she already has her CH tica title which we still have to claim with a cert and rosette asap of course.... and she comes from a lovely line and was raised with lots of love and tlc so we are happy to have had her - thanks, babs ( advice and ideas?)

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