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This is Professor Jack 'Jax' Moriarty, he's just turned a year old and is a healthy, neutered, male Devon. 

Since we got him at 7 months old my girlfriend and I have been constantly discussing how much we feed him. We all know that Devon's are gannets (greedy) but as yet I haven't been able to find a answer to the question 'How much should I feed him' that I can make sense of. We work in grams and only feed him dry food (with the occasional meaty treat) so when people throw wet food et into the equation it get's a little confusing.

Jax has, in total 50grm's of 'Hill Science Plan for young neutered cats' per day. This is based on the guidelines Hill's provides according to Jax's weight (aprox 3.5kg). I honestly think that, if we were to leave food down all day for him he would eat and not stop. My question is, are we feeding him enough or, as some sites suggest, do we need to make allowances for the fact that Devon's have a 'healthy appetite'? and feed him more than the recommendation. Hill's recommendation's are not breed specific. 

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  • Hi,

    I think that there is no absolute truth in this matter. Is your cat fat/slim/normal? Fat is usually developed in the belly. Is your cat active/very active/lazy? indoor or outdoor?

    If your cat is not fat, but not underweight, than go on as you are doing. Underweight cats usually are always begging for food and become restless, so that's also another sign.

    In my opinion, you could try better brands than Hill's. I had bad experiences with industrial dried food such as Hills and Royal Canin, they are full of cereals (which cats don't need at all and contribute to develop intolerance), and poor in high quality proteins. Plus, cats eating only dry food are prone to develop serious kidney problems.

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