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The funniest thing- Mackie's toileting habits

I have a large ceramic bowl on the floor of the cattery and I fill it to around 5 cm deep of fresh water every day. Its is around 35cm in diameter. For a couple of months now Mackie has been using it as a litter tray, only for wees I might add ( thankfully! ) LOL I have never seen him actually do it but I have just been out to feed the cats their dinner. Afterward, while I was cleaning I could hear a splosh, splosh in the water... I always assumed he was standing on the rim of the bowl and doing it but no, all four paws were IN the water. He then squatted and had a wee. I could not stop laughing- poor boy must have wondered what was going on. He then got out and tried very hard to cover it over, then proceeded to walk away shaking all four feet. I have not seen anything so funny in a long time! LOLOL I so wish I had had my camera with me! I might take it out tomorrow night but knowing my luck he won't do it in front of me again. Such a funny boy!

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  • That is Hilarious !!!!!! Pics are a must !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That is a classic. Water for the wet stuff. Pics are a MUST
  • Gee, I wish I had my video camera with me. He had no qualms about immersing his bottom and paws in the water- it was just too funny.

    Saves money on kitty litter too. LOL
  • Hi Nicole

    How funny is he, you would have to wonder what the attraction would be. I wonder what came first, maybe he climbed in for a dip and it made him want to wee :)
  • thats so so funny, strange too, he must be a very clever devon hes thought it out for himself, the closest we come to that sort of antics is our oriental cinnamon mn called Cyd aged almost ten, he sometimes stands and wees down the kitchen sink, but your boys storys better, piccies or a video please?
  • lol that is hilarious
  • Well done Mackie! I hope his sister Tilly dosnt start that.
  • Have you got photos yet?
  • No not yet. He is doing it in private now....I must have hurt his feelings when I laughed at him!
  • LOL, that is funny Tanya.
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