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Tilde and Ripley pregnant

Hi guysWell after one unsuccessful attempt with Tilde a few months ago, both girls are now pregnant to Tobias. Ripley is very large and is now 5 weeks and Tilde is 3.5 weeks. It will be the first time I have had two litters at once and I am really hoping Ripley doesn't have too many. By the looks of her it is going to be more than 4.It is exciting to think about the colours I will end up with, as I don't know what they carry. Hopefully I should get quite a bit of variation from the combinations.Gill

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  • That's great news Gill. IT will be an exciting Christmas/New Year at your place.
  • Congratulations Gill, Ripley & Tilde. One thing is for sure, you will definitely get some bi-colours. How exciting, They will keep you busy over the Christmas break.!!!!

  • oooohhhh Christmas babies for you. i love trying to guess the colours. of course if i knew my genetics a little better i would predict with almost 100% certainty....but i dont, no matter how much i study it! lol
    Good luck
  • How exciting Gill- Christmas babies. :-)
  • Congratulations Gill, couldn't think of a better christmas present. Extra big cuddles for Tobias:)
  • Thanks Guys

    I didn't expect so many responses given I don't post very often these days. I must admit I am pretty excited this time around!!!!

  • Hi Jodie

    A house of fun no doubt but also a house of work!!! I was thinking last night about what it is like when you have a litter of 6 running around. If we have two big litters I think I will be totally exhausted by the end of it.

    Ripley is huge and only 5 weeks and in the last few days Tilde has expanded considerably. She is another one that is long in the body and you could barely notice it last time when she had four. Tobias has obviously got the goods so no complaints there!!!

    I am still trying to work out where to put them to keep the kittens separated. The kitten room will be ok for Ripley but I am not sure whether to divide the room in half into two pens where the litters will not be able to have contact with each other or whether to put Tilde in the front part of the house, completely away from the others. I am thinking about this terrible heat we have had and the fact I only have one portable air conditioner.

    If we get 40 degree temps over summer they will all need to be kept cool so one room might be the best option. I was thinking about partitioning off the room using clear perspex/plastic 1200 high to separate the litters. It can be washed and disinfected easily and they can't climb up it. Not sure yet, I might wait until after Ripley has had hers and see what happens.

    Its getting closer for you Jodie, you will have babies before you know it.

  • I hope they are not big babies Jodie. Big healthy big is good, big to the point of causing birthing problems I really hope not. Her babies with Seamus are usually between 85-110 grams. Pics below.

  • Any news Gill?
    Hope all is well. :-)
  • Not yet Nicole, any time now for Ripley she is very large and 64 days today.
    Tilde has milk already and she still has 11 days to go.

    At least we got through Christmas and Boxing Day, what a relief!!!!

    Ripley is in the kitten room and I will probably sleep in there tonight. I woke up at 3 to check on her last night however I knew she wasn't ready as she was still eating like a horse.

    Thanks for asking

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