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Tilde bubbas have arrived!!!!

Hi allTilde had three babies this morning. 107, 102, 102 grams so all great weights. She was a bit traumatised with no. 1 which was the largest. Settled down by the end. It looks like we have a beautiful chocolate/silver tabby and white girl, a blue tabby and white boy, and a blue boy with just a tiny bit of white on his whisker pads. All feeding well.Ripley's are little fatties and gaining weight like crazy.What a relief this part at least is over!!!!Gill

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  • That's wonderful news Gill. I'm so glad all went smoothly & what good weights.
  • Thats great and great colours too.
  • Thanks guys,

    I am revising my colour thoughts though and would appreciate your input. They are all tabbies, and I am now not sure whether the choc/silver is a lilac silver? It looks chocolate next to the blues, but is different to Tilde's chocolate, and just looks really silvery grey at other times. Any clues????

    Angela said:
    Thats great and great colours too.
  • Congratulations on the new litter Gill! I just read the other thread- I hope all is well.
    I'm not sure on the colour on this could be lilac tabby as you say.
    Very pretty babies! :-)
  • Congrats on the new litter Gill. And well done Tobias! (Wish my George would now work LOL).
    It could be a lilac tabby gill... I'll dig around for some pics of my lilac babies...
  • Thanks Abby

    They are now 10 days old and I think it is a lilac but probably not a tabby from what I can gather.

  • Yeah they often look like tabby's but its just a mix of curls and ghost markings. A lot of my solids come out looking a bit like tabbys too. Hm... Lilac... I'll have that one thanks :)
    Could be a solid lilac if tobias is heterozygous for tabby, which he could be.
  • Hi Abby

    That is exactly right, it looks like she is a solid lilac and white mink and it is curls and ghost markings. Definitely a mink as the eyes have that red tinge in all the photos I have taken of her recently. She has started to darken slightly on the ears but is still fairly uniform in colour. She has tiny little ears compared to her two litter mates who are the opposite and one of them has huge ears. They are still a bit young to get good photos yet but I will take some later.

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