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Transporting Kittens

Hi all,

In a few weeks my two kittens will be ready to come home. The breeder is 11 and a half hours away from me and I might not be able to pick them up in person. I'm looking at my alternative options and was wondering what others recommend.

There are several transport companies that can bring them down to me. One option is via plane, first flight is 1 and a half hours and the connecting flight is 45 mins, then I pick them up.

Other option is a pet moving company that travels via van, which is the 11 and a half hour drive and they are travelling over night. This option is cheaper but I'm more worried about the stress on the kittens than the price.

I've also considered flying up, meeting the breeder at the airport and flying back, but that won't change boarding and flight times for the kittens...

Is flying for just over 2 hours (not including boarding airplane etc which must take ages) more or less stressful than driving 11 and a half hours? Opinions? Thanks!

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  • Personally I would go with flying, although by the time they are loaded into the plane & you get them out your end it will still be quite a journey for them.  My step-daughter lew her cat from Perth to Melbourne & we lived around 2 hrs away from Melbourne airport so she had quite a trip & was fine.  A bot stressed understandably but she settled quite quickly

  • My kitty took a plane and he did just fine. I was so nervous myself and he was scared but he was just fine when I picked him up and was licking all my daughters faces when they took him out. I took a litter box in the car so he could use it right away. Everything worked out and I'm so happy!
  • Thanks for your answers! I am leaning towards the airplane...

  • I would go with flying them too. There's probably no point in you flying up to meet them and flying back with them. I would save your money and spend it on kitty accessories instead. Smile.gif

  • Haha, yes - you can never buy too many things for them. Grin.gif Only advantage of flying there myself is getting to meet the breeder...

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