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Hi, I was looking for  some help with a problem I have with Digby, my 7 year old Devon Rex. Over the last 3 months he has started vomiting randomly & usually during the night. He may vomit once every 10 days or so but does not otherwise seem unwell, he has not lost his appetite, isn't losing weight, isn't constipated & is his usual cheeky self. He has been on a  low fat low protein diet of Royal Canon biscuits & sachets for 1 week but has since vomited again.

I have taken him to the Vet & he  thought it was because he was Constipated but we now know that is not the reason. I would really appreciate your imput before I return to the Vet for another hefty bill!

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  • No real clues for you, unless he has an allergy to something in his food.  I have an elderly cat who used to vomit randomly & sometimes it was because she would overeat, I gave her Paws Osteo capsules that have green lipped mussel & mentioned the vomiting to the vet & he believes she is allergic to some types of seafood which seems to add up.  Fortunately she loves chicken, but I have has to stops the Osteo relief.

  • Hi Suzie,

    I have a 7 year old male Devon Rex who has had this problem most of his life, my Vet did a few tests and discovered he had Pancreatitis (which is very difficult to diagnose in cats, it is more common in Dogs so Vets often don't think of it for Cats).  He remains pretty stable if we keep him on a low fat diet, we tried the Royal Canon too but he continued to get sick at random times, we now have him on Hills Prescription Feline Diet i/d. He has been really well on this, no more 3am vomiting under the bed!Smile.gif

  • Oh one more thing, to clear up the vomiting my Vet prescribed some anti-inflammatory's and some antibiotics, Simba is as good as gold now! 

  • I have a 7 year Si-Rex that loved fish but he started vomiting every three weeks or so. It then became every day. He had all tests done? We started monitering his food. He is now completely fine but no more fish! He is now on a diet of Chicken/Turkey and has only two brands he can eat, Dry Food-James Well Beloved and Purina Sensitive Turkey. Wet Food The same-Felix and James Well Beloved Chicken/Turkey. As a treat now and then some fresh cooked chicken. Soon as I try another brand or fish he is sickwithin three hours. It took several weeks to find the foods he was happy on but was worth it in the end. Wish you luck. Debra Grin.gif

  • Thank you Joy, Susan & Debra I really appreciate your help. Seeing as he doesn't have fish anymore Im thinking that I will try him on the Hills Prescription Feline diet I/d & see how that goes :)

  • All the best with it Suzie, I know how stressful it can be seeing your little one so sick! one more thing I think you can only by the Hills Prescription Feline Diet i/d directly from a Vet, because it is for cats with health problems, the pet stores sell Hills pet food but not the I/d, if your Vet doesn't stock it try a few others. We moved recently and our new Vet Clinic get it in specially for us as we are their only customers who need it, they just re order a bag every time we buy one, about $37 a bag. Good Luck Frown.gif

  • This was interesting discussion as my boy has just started vomiting once/day - for about the past 5-6 days.  He doesn't act sick, still eats normal, still drinks normal, still plays a lot, no change in bathroom habits, no change in food...but once a day, we've got about 3 piles to clean up.  I haven't changed his diet at all...but I'm wondering if I should give him something more bland.  He eats Fancy Feast - which I know isn't the best, but he is a PICKY eater.  When I first got him, he wouldn't eat anything but that.  If he doesn't stop, it's off to the vet we'll have to go.

  • Update, I have taken Digby to the Vet & was told that he is very  healthy & that the problem may well be the dry catfood. I would normally have the dry food out all the time & so have taken him off it totally, its been 10 days now & no vomiting. If this continues to work then I will reintroduce the biscuits in small amounts, it was suggested to put them under the wet food so that they become moist but im not to leave them out all the time ever again. I have always fed my cats in this manner & still unsure why things have suddenly changed but  as long as Digby is happy then I am happy. If this does not work then we will need to take bloods & go from there. I understand your frustration Tamara, hope this may help :)

  • Thanks, Suzie. I did wonder if it was the dry food that I left out all the time also. Hmmmmm.... I boiled some chicken last night and fed him that and that's all he will get today hoping he doesn't vomit. I did make a vet appointment but it's not for several days. I will definitely try no dry food and see if it helps. Thanks for your help. I'm glad Digby is doing better.
  • Update... Finally we have a happy ending. Digby is  unable to tolerate dry biscuits at all, hes diet now consists of 2 Royal Canon ultra light sachets morning & night plus a chicken wing or neck during the day. He is no longer vomiting & altho it is a little expensive he is healthy & content again :)

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