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Waiting patiently for some action!!!

Tobias is now just over 10 months old and he has been trying very hard to do the deed when my girls have been in season for the last few months. Ripley has been very ready the last four days and he is so close it is not funny. He has all the motions and knows what to do but just doesn't quite make the connection if you know what I mean.What are other breeders experiences of their boys getting it together. Sometimes he is just too far up the body, and other times he is a few millimetres away from success. If I try to help him he just stops.Any suggestions??? I think I will just have to be patient and wait until he accidently gets it right, he is a real sweety and certainly has the right urges and actions, he just needs a bit more experience. The girls necks are getting pretty damaged but they do seem to heal up quite quickly.Gill

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  • Patience Gill is the only thing I can suggest. Some of my boys have let me help them get into position. If Tobias stops when you are near then I am afraid it is just a matter of time.
  • I agree with Penny.. just be patient. He will work it out. At least he is trying!! He is still fairly young too so nothing to worry about yet.
  • I am not worried about it, in fact I am pleased he is so keen. I am just impatient for him to succeed so we can have some baby Tobias's running around!!!!
  • Gill said:
    I am not worried about it, in fact I am pleased he is so keen. I am just impatient for him to succeed so we can have some baby Tobias's running around!!!!

    LOL Gill, at least they will be bi-colours and solids
  • perhaps you must have patience and to leave nature it follows its course, is time question does that it of correct way.
  • He is trying Mark but not quite there yet!!! I am still waiting.
  • neved had a stud, one of my orientals and also a siamese male neuter both have tried things on with some of my neutered girls from time to time - but sounds promising for this young stud and his future partners - at what age do they mature ( siams are early starters in this sensitive respect !) - best wishes x
  • hi my boy tried from around 6 months, it wasnt untill he was over a year old he cracked it, we actually took one of our girls to stud thinking he just wasnt ready, while she was at stud our boy caught our other girl, after paying for the first girl to go to stud and blood test she came home and called and he caught her too, 2 litters within 3 weeks of each other, im afraid their is nothing you can do to help, im sure if he is practising it not be long and will suprise you good luck x
  • Success at last!!! Tobias has worked out what to do and we have had at least two matings with Tilde in the last three days. He got her a beauty about 30 minutes ago. Fingers crossed we will have little Tobias's running around soon!!!!

    It is very exciting as I think we might get some interesting colours with Tilde being a chocolate smoke mink and Tobias being blue and white. I am hoping he carries chocolate and points then we might get blue eyed bicolours.
    I might have him DNA tested for chocolate and points, then I will at least know what is possible.
  • How exciting Gill- that is great news!!!
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