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  • Hi there,

    Yes, and my boys love it!!! They start purring as soon as I get the harnesses out and drive me nuts every day until we've had our "walkies". Do you need any tips on how to get started? It's a great way to get them excercised ad stimulated and amazing for meeting new people... everyone stops us on the street to ask questions!

  • Sounds like great fun! Yes, please tell me how to get started. My two are now 3 1/2 years old and I wonder how they will take to it. Mind you, Ysabell LOVES meeting new people! Thanks.
  • HI Jo-Ann,

    Mine were only 5 months when I started so it was probably easier but Devons are so into new things and experiences you should be fine!


    Slowly, slowly is the key. My boys get wet food twice a day so I started by putting the harnesses on loosely while they were eating and removing them as soon as they finished to get them associating harnesses with nice things. I took about a month to do that, leaving them on a little longer each time after the meal and giving lots of kisses and cuddles. Watch them carefully when they're wearing the harness though; they could snag them on something and get stuck and I'm pretty sure one bad experience and the whole experiment will be over before it starts! Then after a month I popped a lead on and just followed them round the house. DON'T pull on the lead whatever you do. Walking cats is not like walking dogs. You follow them and go at their pace, not the other way around! I got the retractable 3m long leads for small dogs but stitched an elasticated section in at the end so if they do run after or away from something they don't get whiplash! Do that for a while, then open the door and let them wander out. If they get scared, they know where home is and can head back in if things are too much for them. About 15 mins a day until you see them gaining in confidence... and then you're off! Have fun with it, it's a great thing for both them and you and makes me feel so much better about having indoor only cats!

  • My female love to go on walks. But my male, who is a bit more shy doesn't really like it... To start Lea on the leash, I just carried her on the leash to the garden and let her sniff around while I worked. She started loving it so much, I take her out to read outside and get some sun. She doesn't really "walk" per say, just sniffs around and takes her time. Francois only really hides in the bushes. but he gets jealous when he is left out, so sometimes, I take him along too. 

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