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Interested in Showing

Hi Everyone,

I recently found Devon Zone and was super excited and hope I can please get some advise.

My darling oriental passed away a few months ago and i am now ready to bring another beautiful cat into our home.

I have always loved the devon breed but never owned.

I currtley show my horses and I am interesed in showing my Devon when I get one.

Any advise on showing or breeders I should look at purchasing from would be greatly appreciated.

I am located in Victoria, Aus.






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  • Hi Jo, I am also in Victoroa and used to show up till this year.  I am registered with GCCFV.  Devons are interesting to show.  They either do it well or not so well.  Our Yummy did well because she is really striking & a good type, but she preferred to hide under the cover in the cage. Yummy came from Wendy Foster (Nahren Devons), but there are other breeders & if you mention that you want to show they I am sure look out for a good kitten for you.  Catstac hve just moved to Tasmania and Julie & Neil have lovely kittens & breeders are always willing to ship & Tasmania is not a huge jump.  I would perhaps try & go to some shows & hopefully there may be some Devons there, but maybe check first  If you decide to show, make sure your kitten is handled by as many people as you can at home to make them bomb proof.  There is just my hubby & I therefore mine don't have a lot of interaction with others as most of our family are interstate.

    • Hi Joy,

      Thank you so muchfor getting back to me.

      I have seen photos of your beautiful girl and have been emailing Wendy from Nahren.

      Will also try have a chat with Julie and Neil.

      Great advise on the handling that shouldnt be a problem as I work with cats so i would be able to bring the kitten with me to work sometimes.

      What is the best way to find out what shows are on?

      I will be at a pet expo this weekend in Wyndham and there was someone with a devon there last year so hoping there will be someone there again this year.

      Thanks, Jo


    • Oh good.  I am not sure if there will be any Devons there this weekend, but certainly worth going to see.  Maybe something else may catch your eye  (ha ha). There are a few cat councils, so I wuld look at the websites to see where/when the shows are on. There is Governing (GCCFV), which I am with, the is Cats Vic, CVI & FCC, I think are still around & there is ANCATS, whicb Wendy is registered with.


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