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Waxy ears


Hubby took our little Monsieur had his first annual check-up/vaccination booster today.  As we all know, Devons have greasy ears.  Vet still insisted on swabbing him for ear-mites (negative) and selling hubby some ear drops (CleanAural) to be used fortnightly.

L Monsieur's breeder advises not to use drops in a Devon's ears.  Sooo, what I'm asking is, should I go with breeder's advice, or the vet's?  He has no infection in his ears, just produces a lot of the usual dark wax that Devons are prone to.  Will the drops (very non-irritant) benefit him, or just cause discomfort?


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  • If there is nothing wrong I don't know why you would need drops unless you use them as a cleaner.  I use Epioptic & just squirt it in, massage the ear then use a cotton wipe or tissue to then clean them out

  • Hi Joy, thanks for the reply.

    It's not an actual treatment, just a mild ear cleaner.  Do you use a squirt-in ear cleaner on your Devons to help the ears expel excess wax?  I've been using a baby wipe once a week, just on the outer ear.

    He's my Precious First Devon, so a bit 17.gif about the conflicting advice from breeder and vet.

  • Yes I do. I squirt in & massage at the base of the ear & then give it a good wipe out.  They do shake their heads & stuff goes all over the place but all good  LOL

  • Ah, thanks Joy.

    I'll introduce it into Monsieur's beauty routine.Grin.gif

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