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ways to amuse our devons ???

am thinking about all the various ways to amuse our beloved devons specially when as babies and adolescents? we have indoors and outside secured spaces, cat runs, a cats chalet at one end thanks to a conversion from a friends former cat house, its so fab - also somewhere sunny, somewhere in the shade, more cat toys and tickler sticks and playpingpong balls than some children in this world have ever seen... yet still sometimes they sem to get bored, so we switch toys and things about, then bring them back again...all this being said, we have sort of discovered that some of their ideas about whats a good cats toy isnt the same as our human their terms ....

"seen pingpong balls before, taken all the feathers off those cat tickler sticks today, why cant we shred your loorolls please instead?"

well, went to our petsathome stores this week, they had some new items in stock, bought a plastic tub of "catnip bubbles" ie something like the old fashioned soapy water and a bubbles plastic stick we used to adore in school playgrounds in the late fifties as kids - whee it works !! ever seen several asstd siams, si balis, some baby devs sitting on the kitchen floors totally entranced whilst some pet safe and catnipped soap bubbles floated gently to the ground??? ps my moggies werent so sure, ones scattered into a hideyhole, but some of the devs are rolling around on the cushionfloor in ab cat raptures.... cost two UK pounds from a famous pet store, think it will last us all this summer, the plus side is the looks on our lovely littlies feline faces....its a sort of uptodate take on those catnip mouse toys people make to sell at catshow stalls... shall try to do a short video sometime this weekend and pps sorry mumsie babs had also had as much fun as her felines...

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  • Tie toy mouse or similar to string of a helium baloon and set to just above or on their highest jump point-my babies loved it and was very cute watching them bounce around!
  • thanks, as it happens, have a foil balloon hidden in the longe for my birthday in the morning, think shall go get a toy mouse tonight when hubbys home and let the babies play with it they seem to like foil ballons, shall try to take some photos later - ps they also adore a basic cardboard box from the grocers to sit inside - at least they cant catch the goldfish or the three budgies since theyre safe in teh entrance hallway the far side the mesh safety doors from the felines sections !
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