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We lost our sweet little girl Evie to Cancer Sunday afternoon 18/8/19. We’re totally devastated.... sister to barely tolerated Vipa the dog and surrogate Mum aka mate to Wills (deceasedDSH Lymphatic disorder May 2019).

Affectionately nicknamed Evil Evie, Needy Evie, Choopee, Peevey, Stinky, Eves and Evelyn dependant on mood or audience.

We loved all your habits, good and bad, from sticking her bum in your face to clinging to your foot before she was speyed. Drinking water out of dirty dishes soaking in the sink and hogging the queen size bed every night.

Your soft fuzzy warmth beneath the sheets on winter nights as you wriggled your way in and the expectant kisses you always willingly gave and took. To watching you moon walk in your blue knit sweater that you always felt indignant wearing but gave us shits and gigs.

Your short little bristly whiskers and your beautiful little face and high cheekbones. The way you loved your chin squeezed and your head fit into a palm pulling your ears back and stretching your eyes to tiny slits.. The rough love and slaps you couldn’t get enough of and your love for all things stinky, feet, sweaty armpits you’d climb a person like a pole to get to and the way you would measure, evaluate and completely disarm all our friends, neighbours and guests with your quirkiness. No more battles with Brody or playing tag and chasing each other through the house or having you tackle my legs from out of nowhere. No more chirping machine gun fashion at the birds who loved stirring you up and Maggie and Butchie who’d sit right beside you on the windowsill on the other side opf the glass out of reach.

Never late for a feed you could hear the cat bikkie jar the moment it was lifted from the cupboard. Your gentle teething bites to say I love you my hoomans. No more alfoil balls to play fetch with, fascinated by the kitchen tap dripping, or underfoot wherever we were.

No more curled up on my lap or under the doona watching tv with us or falling asleep beside me at the computer table or watching us take showers. No more sleepy yawns first thing in the morning and cuddling up as close as you could without getting into my skin. No more running this house to your tune and making sure you were included in everything.

No more running crazy through the house, trashing the couches or just dazzling us with those gorgeous eyes of yours. I loved you like a child, I was never alone at home because you were always faithfully with us. Always getting into things you shouldn’t, bags, cupboards, linen press, it was all a game for you.

We love you little Evie, will always ALWAYS love you. I will ache for you.... I hope Wills finds you in cat heaven and you remember you were the most epically amazing and loved cat ever!

So Devon Community, if anyone out there has a desexed Devon female they need rehomed or retiring breeder please think of us.  We would be happy to pay for the priviledge of having another little pixie to love us.  We are in Mount Coolum on the Sunshine Coast and have already contacted a couple of breeders to go on the waiting list for a black smoke female kitten in future to round out our household again.3436408005?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Oh my goodness, Evie is so beautiful.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I know it's one of the most difficults thungs to get through. I hope you find another Devons to help heal your heart sooner rather than later.

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  • Fly free Evie!

    Such a beautiful girl, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you find that special Devon to fill the huge gap she has left. 

    • Thank you x

    • Hi Gina, I have forwared your reply on to Joy..

      Not sure why you were having problems replying yesterday.

  • I must admit to my heart skipping a beat when I saw a black smoke with the name of Evie.  Our site owner had a black smole called Evie & I had her sister Stella, who I lost 4 years ago.  My little soul mate left us when she was only 8 & she will always be in my heart.  We currently have 2 Devons ATM.  Bobby, who is 11 & Yum Yum aka Yummy, who is 4

    • Mine did too Joy! I have just forarded an email from Gina M to you as she was having problems replying to you yesterday. 

    • My partner and I can feel her everywhere in this house.  He's still saying goodbye to her when he leavrs for work and hello when he gets home.  I've been having tea outside next to her grave in the garden....but at night we can both feell her walkung over us to settle.  She hasn't left us.....

    • I know how you feel, but although she is no longer by your sides she will always be in your hearts



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