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wet cat food

Hi i was just wanted to know if anyone has given there devon wet packet food?
i havent yet. i feed my boys lams dry food and chuck steak. 
and could wet packet food be bad for them?

thanks elana

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  • Mine always have a mix of fresh, dry & I use Fancy Feast as a tinned variety for them.
  • oh ok and there are alright with that? where do you get that from?
  • wet food is better then only feeding dry food. It was always suggested that wet food was bad for their teeth, but that's not true. It is the dry food and most of all the grains in cat food that are bad for the teeth. The grains in cat food (wet and dry) gives plaque on the teeth.
    Cats are not very good drinkers and prefer to get the fluids out of their food, therefor it is better to feed raw meet, which is closest to nature or otherwise wet food. Dry food doesn't contain enough fluids and most cats don't drink enough to cover that. Of course dry food is very easy to give, I also feed dry food cause some of my cats refuse to eat raw meat, but they also get wet food but all brands grain free and free of chemical anti oxidants.

    Maybe this page is interesting to read:
  • thanks for that i had know idea about the teeth thing.
    what wet food do you give your cats?
  • and should i stick to the same brand as my dry food for the wet food?

  • I'm not sure if you can get the same brands, maybe names aren't completely the same, but I feed Animonda, Almo Nature, Gimpest Shiny cat. Even some types of Sheba are free of grains, but I don't give that very often. I don't always give the same brand as dry food, right now I have Almo Nature dry food and Animonda wet food. I also give a complete raw meal (frozen, here it is called carnibest)
  • thank you as you said the brands might not be the same. but i will try the wet food and see how my boys go. thanks you so much for all the information nathalie.Smile.gif
  • Hi Elana
    I read your question
    It is easy in your country to buy Lambheart i gave that over 28 years and it is coming from Australian
    So that is very good you must put calc to it and whatever you can buy put it on this
    Also the fat what on this lambheart is also very good my kittens and growing eating that every day
    You must cut it with the scissors or a knife you can put there all kinds of ingredients to
    You can give also dry food for the cats to
    What kind of dry food you can choose in your country there are no bad dry food some dry food is expensive
    That is what you will give your cat the best or not
    The carnibest is ready it is for lazy people like us here in the Netherlands say
    Lamb's heart you have to add what you want only you should cut it so more work but i know what I give to my cats carnibest I can not check what's occupants and lamb heart has a better result to chew and carnibest i cannot check because it is ground
    I give Chicken and tuna fish in water what is for the people i gave also steak to my cats
    So every day wet food and also they can choose about 8 sorts of Royal Canin i started with roayal canin and i will never choose for another brand they have always good relief if the new cat coming from the USA or Russia or UK no problem at all
    So i hope to get help a little bit of my experience greetz
  • hello adrie, thanks very much for your knowledge on the topic, i have found it very helpful. i will trail the lamb heart or something to that degree. all the best with your cats
  • Your welcome elena good luck with the wetfood

    Elana said:
    hello adrie, thanks very much for your knowledge on the topic, i have found it very helpful. i will trail the lamb heart or something to that degree. all the best with your cats
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