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Wet, raw muzzle

Hi Everyone,


I have a strange problem with one of my kittens.


I started noticing it more clearly soon after the litter started eating solids.

The one curly (baldish) boy (it's an outcross litter with smoothhairs and 1 curly variant) had a wet muzzle, red-brown nose (like a scab) and a funny smell around the mouth.

I found out what caused it, when I saw their mum licking them all clean after a meal.

Apparently her rough tongue and rough cleaning scraped away the toplayer of the sensitive skin.

It's so sad: the little boy doesn't seem to mind all that much, but it must be uncomfortable to say the least.


Have any of you of ever experienced this?

Do you have an idea how to solve it? I can't think of anything.


Best wishes,

Marjan Boonen




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  • most devon mums lick there babies crazily and chew the whiskers. apart from applying something like vasaline to sore area obv you dont want to apply anything that could harm mum or baby, funny smell could be a sign of infection, obv mum is cleaning bums too! keep your eye on the sore, if the smell persists i would pop onto some antibiotics x
  • Hi Shelly,

    thanks, I guess there isn't much to be done.
    The little muzzle is not infected, but the smell is the smell of lymfefluid.
    I am just hoping he'll grow some more hair soon.

    Marjan Boonen
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