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moomins babies have hit 1 week old, we still have all 5! its early days, takeing each day as it comes! but we persist know matter how tired we know that these babies lives depend on us, will do all we can and what will be will be but we sure not going down without a fight, keep all your fingers and paws crossed for the famous 5, each 1 is truly beautifull and well worth it, and so on im off to do the feeds lol!

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  • Well done Shelly- you are doing such a great job with them.
    They are obviously little fighters, I hope they continue to thrive. Smile.gif
  • Grin.gifwell done with week one - keep going theyre going to be so so special !
  • Keep going Shelly, you're doing great Smile.gif
  • What a great job you've done Shelly. Keep growing little ones.
  • keep us all posted shelly and all the best xx
  • Wonderfull news, you're sure doing great!
  • Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see pictures 113.gif
  • Great to hear,still keep my fingers crossed,take care!63.gif
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