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What age will he be at his biggest?

Hi guys and gals,My Montague is now a good 7 months old, he is happy and healthy.However, as he is my first devon, I'm amazed at how small he is for a little boy! And while he is getting bigger, I'm starting to wonder at what age he will be fully grown, or will he be relatively the same(ish) size that he is now?His mum-cat was very small, and I've only seen pictures of his dad so it's hard to tell how big he was.

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  • Hi Kaisha,
    my Stanley is 8 months old and also seems small for a male cat....we nicknamed him Dinky as he's so little. I'm not sure if he'll get much bigger but would also love to hear from some more experienced Devon people as Stanley is my first too (-:
  • How much does he weight? My 7 month old Devon is about 6.5 lbs and I think he's on the larger side. He's smaller compared to other breeds it seems but all muscle! The vet said that he wouldn't gain much more weight, I believe their size kind of evens out around 8 months to a year. 

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