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What do you feed your Devon Rex?

Hey guys,

I am a new and proud owner of a 15 week old devon named Hershey. Out of curiosity, i was wondering what other owners give their devons to eat on a daily basis as there is a lot of controversy out there on dry food and wet food. I went to the vets today and the lady said that Hershey should be on a premium diet such as Science Diet as 'supermarket' brands such as Kitten Whiskers wet food and the Kitten Whiskers dry food (which I am currently using) is bad and can cause them to create crystals which will then get stuck in their urethra and cause major issues. However, my breeder told me to feed Hershey a raw food diet, so I switch things up and give him chicken necks etc for a snack. So, I am unsure whether to continue with Whiskers as he seems pretty happy with it or try something completely different as I only want the best for my kitten! I do not mind giving him a premium food such as Science Diet but there are a lot of people out there that say just giving your cat dry food also causes urethra problems as well as kidney etc which I do not want! Please help!!


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  • Hi Natasha, welcome to Devon Zone.  I tend to try & give mine variety.  The like Fancy Feast & also a new product called Felix,but with that they have fresh raw (human grade) rump steak cubed, kangaroo mince & fillets again the fillets are cubed along with raw chicken necks/wings.  They also have Science Diet Oral Care & Holistic Select dry, indoor.  Some photos of your new family member would be good too   Grin.gif

  • Hi there! Congratulations, a Devon Rex is the most wonderful, amazing cat breed you will ever come across. :) We've been feeding our boy the Royal Canin range. Had him on the kitten until 12 months and now on the indoor. He also gets cubed steak, mince and chicken.
  • I feed Royal Canin as well, mine do well on the "Sensible" variety. They also get a bit of fresh roo and Fancy Feast tins, which they are fond of. Chicken necks are great for their teeth as well. If you buy the premium brands ( ie. Science Diet , Royal Canin etc) in larger bags it can work out to be far more affordable and nearly on par with the Supermarket brands. 

  • Hi Natasha!
    Congratulations on your new family member, Hershey!! :) Devon's are rock stars of the cat world, in my opinion!!
    I feed Strummer Wellness, Tiki Cat (wet food) and Halo. I picked up a few brands recommended by a cat lover at a local pet store but I can't remember the brands off the top of my head. I do try to read the labels and choose the one's that I actually know what the ingredients are and try to stay away from those that I cannot pronounce (just as I do with "people food").
    Some of what you do will be hit and miss. For example, Strummer (and my other kitty Sid) refuse to eat food that has shrimp in it. They literally walk away and refuse to go near the bowl. Just like us, they don't necessarily like everything you put in front of them so don't buy anything in "big" until you know your little one likes it.
    Also, side note, check expiration dates!!! If a container doesn't have one, don't buy it. Pet food spoils just like ours. :) you would be surprised at the amount of expired pet food on shelves; many people don't look.
    I know a few breeders who recommend only raw diets; I totally understand the logic. I'm just a freak about raw meat and the health concerns associated with it on my end. That doesn't mean a raw diet is bad; that's just me.
    Enjoy your new Devon! Every day is going to be fun and you're going to love Hershey more and more every day!!
    Also...welcome to Devon Zone!!!
  • Don't buy cheap supermarket foods.  It's full of sugar and chemicals.  Yuk.  I wouldn't feed that to a feral cat. 

    Devon Rex's often develop food allergies so you need to be careful.  I feed my cat Hill's Prescription Diet DZ wet food and use the dry food as a treat.  I am not sure about a raw diet unless you add supplements and vitamins.  The premium canned food is well balanced and contains all the proper nutrients.

    Wellness food is also and excellent canned food.  They have a kitten recipe too.

    Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh FILTERED water.  Feed the cat out of glass dishes and bowls as plastic contains toxins.

    Clean the litter at least twice a day.  It's like flushing the toilet for them.  Once a month or every six weeks. Dump out all the litter and clean the litter box with soap, water and rinse well.  Dry with paper towel or rag and thoroughly air dry before refilling with fresh litter.

    There you have it.  Enjoy your Devon Rex.  They are the best cat ever.  I love mine to bits. They are your best friend and will keep you entertained even as a senior.


  • Thank you so much for all your response! I went to the pet shop last night and decided to get Hershey the Science Diet wet and dry food for kittens. I will keep you all posted on how he goes with it! Thanks for all your help and have a wonderful week!xx

  • I feed a raw diet of ground meats with bone and organs & supplements. Freeze dried meats & organs and a small amount of grain free kibble as treats.

  • Hi Tash
    Congrats on your kitten. I have had my Baggins for 13 years and he still has times when he reverts to his kitten antics. They are like no other cat.
    I feed Baggins a tablespoon of cubed rump steak (human food) and a tablespoon of a whiskas pouch twice a day. He has had that since he was a kitten. I have tried all types of dry food over the years. About 5yrs ago I started using Nature's Gift and have not looked back. Baggins has a small handful of biscuits when he is put to bed of an evening and as a treat occasionally. We also grow cat grass that he eats when he has his outside run once a week. He had blood tests last year and the vet could not believe how good they were for his age. Wishing you and Hershey a long and happy life together.
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