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Hi to all,

my devon is suspected to have an allergy to food (he was on Royal Canin Indoor) and now he's on a home-cooked raw diet prescribed by vet. In the future though, after (hopefully) finding out what is he allergic to (protein/grain/whatever else) I would like to feed him with (high quality) dried food again.

Do you have any experience with these lines?

1. Hill's Z/D

2. Royal hypoallergenic

3. Purina Hypoallergenic

And also I read reviews of the following brands that said that even though they are not specific for allergies, they prevent allergies because they are organic/grain free etc:

1. Orijen

2. Granatapet

3. Acana


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  • I'm not sure of the ingredients of these, but would be looking for a grain free food.  I like the idea of raw - home made.  At least you have full control over what he eats. We used to make up food for our dog (RIP) & do it in bulk & then freeze it on meal size bags

  • Hi Joy!

    I'm not contrary to raw-home made food as part of the daily meal, but I would like to integrate it with a premium quality dried food, for various reasons. Devons need to eat more often (especially in winter) 'cause they disperse body heat more than normal cats (and I live in a quite cold house). When I'm home I can feed them several times a day but when I'm out, I need them to have the possibility to eat if they are hungry/feel cold. And also, dried food is more complete in terms of nutrients, vitamins etc.

  • Hello Alis,

    I'm trying currently to find a proper diet for my Oshi. She has had some skin problems probably due to food allergy and for some weeks I've been trying different hypoallergenic food. My cat is a bit unusual because she refuses to eat only one type of food, I have to change or mix every couple of weeks. For example after 2 weeks of one type wet or dry food based on lamb, she stopped eating at all. Now I try Trovet rabbit with rice (wet and dry) and Purina (dry). Therefore, I can recommend Trovet and Purina but do not recommend Royal Canin. My cats either refuse to try it or get diarrhea after hypoallergenic RC food. I also hope you find the reason for allergy - it might be chicken protein or grain (most common allergens). Anyway, I think it is best to consult a vet before starting any diet. 

  • Hills, Royal Canin, and purina are all great quality food. I don't think one is better than the other. It depends on what your vet recommends. They make one with different protein sources duck pea venison etc. I know Hills has a money back guarantee the others may as well. My own pets are on Royal Canin. But I have had previous pets on hills or purina proplan.
  • Hello,

    My cat gets rashes from most dry foods but i go onto Canidae & he doesn't get a rash. Check out there website

    Its good quality dry food & i won't go back to any other product now.

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