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  • A large pair of fluffy bedsocks with the toe cut just right and folded over, will do fabulously. they get used to not falling down eventually.
    Another i use is baby track pants. cut the inside leg seam. cut two small holes for front legs and trim to length
    the leg opening becomes the neck, the cut seam becomes the underneath the tummy, cut if you want to, the two small holes are for the front legs. Works a charm.
  • I do Carina, I will post it a bit later for you.

  • caant knit, but when we collected one of the devons it was cold weather so we cut a long ski sock into a tube section then discarded the ends - the tube was the ideal width and length with two little slits for her frount paws and legs to fit through - and she didnt take this off for the few days til she was used to her new home which wasnt fully double glazed back then at the old bungalow - she sure looked so cute all pink and white stripey wool coat - cost us my last set of ski socks though !
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