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I have just advertised a litter of kittens and I am a real Nuf Nuf when it comes to colours. 
Mum is a Chocolate Sver Tabby Point  her Father being Black Mackeral Tabby and Mother Seal Silver Tabby Point.
Dad is Registered as a Red Point (but has aqua eyes so maybe a mink) is Father is a Chocolate Mink and Mother a Blue Torti.

First picture is of the boys and then the next two are of the girls.

Thank you in advance :)

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  • I'm not very good with colours - hopeless in fact, but the top 2 look like chocolate minks, the 2nd one looks like a mink too, maybe blue - but not sure what colour & I would take the last as a seal point.
  • Thanks Joy, It is so hard to get a good picture to indicate their true colour. The darker faced girl actually has torti ears and the torti is very evident on her paws also. Even the blue coloured girl has very different coloured paws? People ask about colour and I have to honestly say that I am not sure.
  • Here are some piccys of the darker girls ears & paws
  • And the lighter coloured girl.
  • Well I am no expert either...but the back boy looks like a seal point, the front boy a seal mink.
    The darker girl I think is a seal tortie point ( or mink) and the lighter girl...maybe a blue tabby point? ( or mink)

    Actually is the second pic the lighter colored girl? Is that red on her tail? Maybe she is a blue tortie tabby point ( or mink)
  • The one on the background looks like a chocolate and in the front looks like a seal you have more pics of the other one..looks like a van...but I am not colour expert at all lol...
  • All Babys are looking very nice!!
    I agree with Nicole and I think the boy in the background is seal-point, the boy in front seal-mink. no one is choc, I think.
    The darker girl a seal-tortie-point and the lighter girl a blue-tortie-tabby-point or mink.
    Sometimes it´s very difficult with that "point-colors"..... I think the difference between mink and point you can see the best directly after birth.
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