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As my future Devons are baking, I have been making lots of cat toys!  Curious-share what toys your cats like best?  This is an eyeball I made, it has one of those cheapy bell balls inside.  3284582168?profile=original

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10 Replies · Reply by Alis Sep 16, 2015


Hey everyone, after being around Devons all my life I've decided to make the leap to breeding and showing these devilish little monkeys! I've read everything I can get my hands on, spent hours in front of a computer screen learning all I can.After my

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3 Replies · Reply by Jenny Simmons Aug 21, 2015

Calico Devon Rex

Hi again, 

I am in a process of acquiring another Devon Rex kitten and I may choose a calico kitten... There are some old sayings about Calico cats being more independent and have cattitude than the other color or patterns. I don't know if such a thin

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13 Replies · Reply by Ingrid Perri Aug 20, 2015

Waxy ears


Hubby took our little Monsieur had his first annual check-up/vaccination booster today.  As we all know, Devons have greasy ears.  Vet still insisted on swabbing him for ear-mites (negative) and selling hubby some ear drops (CleanAural) to be used

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4 Replies · Reply by sacha Jul 14, 2015

Ear Wax Problem

My 2 year old Devon keeps getting really had ear wax build up. I am new to the breed but had done my research and know that their ears are naturally a bit waxy and must be cleaned weekly. I took him for a vet check up a month ago when I got him and h

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9 Replies · Reply by Dania Jul 9, 2015


Hi, I was looking for  some help with a problem I have with Digby, my 7 year old Devon Rex. Over the last 3 months he has started vomiting randomly & usually during the night. He may vomit once every 10 days or so but does not otherwise seem unwell,

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11 Replies · Reply by Joy Jun 16, 2015