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Spraying/peeing remedies

As most of us depending on our circumstances have spraying problems inside our houses on occasions, I thought I would relay some of the success I am having with my neutered boys using a homeopathic remedy from Holistic Animal Medicines. While it hasn

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3 Replies · Reply by Gill Dec 1, 2009

Raw food

Hi All! In the past months I begun feeding my cats with raw food. Above all fresh meet and just a little of dry food grain free.I've to tell you they appreciated that so much and their heallth seems to go better and better.Who among you tryed it? Wha

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16 Replies · Reply by Jan M Jun 9, 2012

Bad idea...

I think creating this network was a bad idea. There more beautiful Devon's I see the more I want. I think I need one of EVERY colour now, not to mention the different bicolours, assorted tabbies....odd eyed goes on. LOL

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14 Replies · Reply by Grazyna Nov 26, 2009