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We are moving overseas and need to find a new home for our two lovely male, desexed and microchipped brothers, Rexie and Rascal. They are about to turn 4 on the 12th of december and have a grey/black colouring. They have been kept indoors only and are tolerant of children.

Of the two Rascal is the bigger (with a sligh weight problem) and dominant cat who has a small squint to his right eye after a healed eye ulcer. Rexie is a little bit more timid, and can get a rash if given too much wet food. Both are extremely friendly and social and will snuggle up on any lap if given the opportunity.

Please leave a comment or send me a message if you believe you are the right person(s) to adopt our cats, or have any questions :)


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  • Hi please contact me I would be interisted in adoptingGrin.gif

    • Hi Chloe, this post is from 2012. 

  • Hi please contact me i would love to take them :)
  • Two photos of the brothers :)
  • Two photos of the brothers :)
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