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My 1 year son has severe eczema and allergies toward cats so unfortunately I need to rehome my beautiful girls Tinkerbell and Ariel, Blue point and Seal mink bicolour.  They are both very loving, affectionate and caring girls, they have had been micro chipped, de-sexed and vaccinated. I would like for them to be rehomed with a loving family.

Cost: $200, this will include all their bedding, toys, bowls and any food left over.

If you are interested please email me at louise2121@hotmail.com

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  •  Good morning from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland my name is Susie and I’m enquiring about your little darlings are they still in need of a beautiful home. 


    Yours kindky 


  • Hi Louise,

    Just in case you didn't get my email...I live in the Blue Mountains, have owned 2 Devon Rex's , my last one died a year ago and I am looking to adopt 2 more.  Your girls look lovely, and I wondered if you have found a home for them yet?

    Cheers, Edwina

  • Hi Louise,

    Just checking to see if the girls have found their new home yet.

  • Hi Nicole,
    I've had a few people interested but just trying to make sure it's the right place for my girls.
    Just a few other things about the girls, they need to be indoors as they've never been outside before and need to go to a home where there's no other cats as Tinkerbell (oldest) has had to endure adjusting to a sister and then a a baby. They need a lot of attention.
    Please email if interested. Xx
  • no luck but I will keep trying ! this is where i got my beloved Molly from <3

  • Hi Louise,

    Have you had any luck finding them a new home? 

  • I have shared this on my devon Rex group on FB , I hope you find the perfect family.

  • They are lovely girls Louise. I'm sure they will find the purrfect home very quickly.

    I have added the photos so they display in the post for you, and will share on our Facebook page etc. Smile.gif

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