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I would like to find a suitable home for my Ziggy.   She didn't end up hairless - which is what I thought was going to happen - instead she is very fluffy and soft and cuddly - like a teddy bear.

She is pure bred, desexed and microchipped.  She has the sweetest little voice and will remind you when to feed her.

I am looking for someone who will give Ziggy the extra care she needs, due to the fact that she must only eat Hypoallergenic food - which is a little more expensive than some foods.   Also, she needs to be kept indoors as she gets up to mischief if she goes outside and eats plants that aren't good for her.

She has grown up with her half-sister Devon Rex, who belongs to my daughter.   Unfortunately, the two cats have problems if they eat each other's food, and after 18 months of this, I am exhausted with making sure they're eating the right food.

I am on the Sunshine Coast.

Please contact me if you think that Ziggy is a good "fit" for you.


Ros  0409529684

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  • Hi they turned out very nice . a Shame the Q.F.A. could not find a standed after 7 years of work.Pauline

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that Ziggy is having a 2 week trial with a local couple.

    I will let you know if she is still looking for a home.

    thanks for your help,


  • What a beautiful girl.  I hope you find a suitable home for her.

  • Hi Ros,

    Ziggy looks like a beautiful girl.

    I am guessing she is a blue point / mink and she appears to be a longhaired Devon Rex. ( She must have the long-hair gene in her pedigree).

    Hopefully we can help find a suitable new home for her. Smile.gif

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