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Brisbane qld 2 x 6yr old males needing home

Desexed and papered, these boys are around 6yrs old and were originally show cats. I bought them from the breeder several years ago, thinking they were great for allergies. They are not!They were sold to me as needing to go to the same home, as they were from the same litter and needed each other. Now they get along but also compete, one of them overshadows the other, and both of them are trying to kill my bengal!I have tried just about everything over the past few years but I can't get the balance right and my home is in chaos. Now my health has gone south so I'm facing the task of finding new homes.Firstly, I feel terrible. They are both wonderful in their own right and I love them dearly. But it's better for them to be somewhere that they can shine.Sheffield is the first of the two. Loves everyone, loves dogs, but does not like other cats. He can go on ok for awhile lulling you into a false sense of security that its sorted, but when he does decide to go into attack mode, he is very serious and will not stop. When I first brought him home, he was petrified to be outdoors, so I built a catnip run, and it still took awhile to get him used to it.. Unless there is good involved!He is a guts, and you have to make sure you don't let him overeat, as he will not stop!He likes getting out in the garden, but loves your bed, and generally likes being wherever you are. He needs a home where he is the centre of attention, he is used to kids and dogs, in fact he adores dogs and loves being licked and chewed on, but no other cats.He is extremely talkative, has a husky little voice and loves a play. He will happily drape over your shoulders as you potter about the house, and is on your lap watching the tv. He is a highly intelligent but very demanding little bloke, with a lot to say.. He just HAS to have you full attention while he says it! He will purposely hang up the phone on you with one paw, dominate your laptop keyboard and purr all the while. He will be your hot water bottle in winter, he is a definite companion cat. He will reward you with an over abundance of love no matter what mood you're in!He is dark grey and white, has a longer more curly coat in winter and more than his brother. He is extremely handsome and loveable.Checkers is boy number 2 and very different from Sheffield. He gets overshadowed by his brother, and dominated but on his own he blossoms. He gets on better with other cats than sheffy does but would still prefer a one cat household. He is used to kids and dogs, but he is really looking for a home where he can blossom as someone's special mate. After being overshadowed and dominated by his brother, I would love to see him go to a home with no other cats. His new owner would have to be prepared to put in a little work, he can be a bit like a turtle, but this is the reason I want to separate them. On his own he is just as pushy and vocal as any other Devon Rex lolHe loves to play, a session with da bird quickly gets him doing acrobatics. He does have a loud meow, and will let you know when he wants something!He is a stunning silver with short smooth coat and they tell me was quite a winner when he was shown.When I bought these two, I was learning about cats, and followed the instructions I was given from the breeder. In hindsight, I should have separated them years ago.They are fed on black hawk, and a 50/50 blend of beef and roo. They have always acted quite frantic over food, but maybe on their own this will settle.Contact me with questions no matter how big or small. I really want to make sure they go to the right homes.

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  • hi are you still looking for a home for these boys, I am looking for a rex in brisbane for her.

    my mobile is 0413 498 211, would be very keen to come visit.

    thanks nicky

  • Do u have any photos they sound gorgeous
This reply was deleted.