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Hi, I am looking at re homing my Devon Rex Minkey (2) see photo. I have 2 other cats: a Ragdoll (5) and an ordinary 14 yr old moggie. Minkey fights with the other cats all the time. I phoned the Cat Clinic and they think all my cats are getting stressed. I love Devon Rexes but I feel that Minkey needs to be in a home without other cats and I think also without children. We live in Wishart, Brisbane

Posting on behalf of Ineke

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  • Hi Tabatha,

    Ineke posted a status the other day that she had decided to keep Minkey. 

  • Hi Ineke, my apologies, I thought I had got back to you but the message did not go through. I hope you have found a home for Minkey, I am sorry we couldn't take her but don't feel an outdoor cat will be happy in our environment. :-( take care.
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