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Hi guys!
My fiance and I are looking for a new brother or sister for our Monty.
We are totally happy with any age, however we want our new friend to be able to keep up with Monty, he can definitely be a bit hyper sometimes!

We live in Western Melbourne, Monty is indoor only but does go outside every day for about 30 minutes on his leash. We are a really loving happy home. Moo is our only pet.

If anybody has any devon's they have/know about that need a home let me know!

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  • I think a lot of people don't know about Devon Zone, the lovely lady who is giving me Coolah has said that a few people have been contacting her asking if he is desexed - clearly out to make money.

    We are very excited to get our new baby!

    Thanks for the suggestion Sam, I'm sure someone would be very thankful for the suggestion!
  • Kaisha, have you looked at Jenny's Devonpark Rexcatz page?
    She had a few ex queens for sale!
  • I'm so glad! I found my baby on gumtree too but I do wish people would just post in this forum to begin with.

    I'm sure Coolah will enjoy his new family :)
  • Eliza, so strange! Coolah is coming to us in the next couple of weeks :) even before I saw you'd sent me the ad! Haha
  • Thanks for the help Nicole, definitely sounds like a territory issue...any advice?
  • Hi Kaisha, 

    I had notification that there is a Devon in Melbourne looking for a new home here: 


    It sounds like he might have some territorial issues though. 


  • That sounds like a great idea Kaisha! One Devon is just not enough. Smile.gif

    Good luck with your search. 

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