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It is with the greatest sadness that I post this but I am seeking to rehome both of my Devon babies. I am absolutely devastated to even be writing this as I love these cats so much, but I have come to understand that the life they have in my house isn't the best for them and so if I can find them a better life I would be willing to let them go to make them happy.

I have a female, lilac cream, Lyla, and a male, blue, Garry (Gazza), both 10 years old. Neither coped very well when I moved in with my now husband 2 and a half years ago as my husband doesn't really understand cats. I created a safe place for them so they have their own 'sanctuary' room but it means they are in there almost all the time as they are solely indoor cats. We also have 2 big dogs and even though there is a baby gate to the cat's room so they can come in and out safely when the dogs are inside, they don't often venture out to see me.

I’ve recently had a baby and now find I am hardly getting any time with them at all. Even though that is a temporary situation, the other problem now is that Lyla isn't able to safely live with young children. I believe she has been too scared by our nieces (around toddler age) visiting and recently bit and also took a swipe at a friend's child. This was the first occurrence and both were defensive rather than aggressive events, but it's made me realise how she will feel about our baby as he grows up. The fact she's now confined to one room in the house and has the constant stress of my husband, our dogs, and now a baby means I can't offer her the lovely life and cuddles she deserves. She is completely fine with older children and adults and will even come out to visit new adults for some attention and conversation.

My male cat doesn’t leave the room either but has always been a bit of a timid soul so the fact I don't see him too often isn't really something new! My priority is to rehome Lyla but if I can also find a home for Garry and offer him something more that would be great.

I honestly cried writing this post. I have loved these cats for so long and the thought of parting with them upsets me greatly but I want them to be happy for the rest of their time on this earth and so would like to try and find someone who could love them as much as I do.

They would ideally suit an individual/couple who have no young children living with them and no other pets. They would be quite happy with different owners as they have somewhat of a love/hate relationship, but could still live together ok. They are both microchipped, desexed and get regular check-ups and vaccines. Lyla also has food allergies so eats a special diet which I can explain further to anyone who is interested, it's not very involved.

I had hoped that over time my guys would adjust to the changes in our lives but it’s never quite happened. These are sweet, lovely cats but definitely need someone who understands Devons!

Lyla is quite a talker, but all she ever really wants is love and cuddles. She has a tendency to get on your lap every time you sit down and wants to be very close to her main human. I want to stress she is not an aggressive cat and is absolutely fine with adults and older children. She can be around young children but they are best to not approach her as she becomes too stressed by them.

Garry can be a recluse at times, but still loves to be close to you. He is a kind cat and has a beautiful soul. He shows deep affection once he finds someone he can trust and feel safe with.

If these cats could be rehomed in SA I would love to help them get resettled and spend as much time with the new owner as they want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Please contact me if you are interested in loving either or both of these beautiful cats. I just want the absolute best for these wonderful guys.  

Thank you,


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  • That is such good news for you.  I'm sure they will both be happy in their new homes

  • Both of my beautiful babies have now been rehomed, thank you.
  • Gazza (male blue) has now gone to a wonderful new home but I am still looking for a loving new home for Lyla (female lilac cream). Please contact me if you are interested in adopting her, she is a beautiful girl who would make someone very happy. Thank you.

  • Oh, Mia has food allergies too so that is no problem. Lyla would have access to the Catmax area out the back and the upstairs balcony so she can watch the world go by while lying on the hammock.....oh and two compliant slaves

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for your posts, I've sent you a message :-)

    • Sent you another one back ;-)

  • Would you be happy for Lyla to move to Darwin? We have two Devon girls (both rescues) and Mia (red mist) is a bit of a princess and she does get jealous but only hissing at Lucy. They play when we are not around. Lucy is wanting a friend so bad. Lucy is a 12 yr old Tortie and would make a great friend for Lyla. To be honest, Mia wouldn't care....LOL, such a cow of a cat is Mia.

  • A really hard decision for you to make Lenneke. I hope you find a great home for them soon.

    I'm sure they still have many years of love and companionship to give someone. 

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