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 I need to rehome my gorgeous Devon Rex boys :( My husband is allergic to them so they reside in a large enclosure in the garden.  Due to work commitments they are barely getting any attention and they are a right pair of fuss pots so they deserve better!! Can't bare that they aren't getting the cuddles they deserve.  They are strictly indoor cats if you know anyone who would be interested.  They are both neutered and up to date with their jabs. Neither of them have had any medical problems. Both of them are fine with our dog.  Alfie is really outgoing but Indie is quite shy and doesn't like lots of noise!  If you know anyone who can help please let me know x

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  • Hi Claire,

    Are there any updates on your boys?

    Please let us know. Thanks

  • sorry hit reply on the wrong bit!

    Are your boys still available, they are gorgeous, do they like cuddles and being indoors or are they only used to being outdoors now.

    I'm in Australia but my family are in UK and love cats I can find out if anyone would like to adopt.




  • Really feel for your boys, seeing them in the stark environment of a cage, seems so foreign to their needs. I cant look at photos of Devon's without coming over teary and would love to be in a position to help. I know how hard it is to give them up, having had to let my baby of seven years go, we are still not over it three years later. We have a Devon indoctrinated family of four adults (two part time residents-our sons) who are in need of a new master. No other pets, large home, would only consider offering an inside only placement, with perhaps the odd stroll around the garden accompanied n on a leash. Dont know if we could manage two additions though Frown.gif We can have a family discussion on the matter, but I know to what extent our Yager was spoilt, and that was facilitated by him being the only feline resident, so we are totally committed to lavishing on one Devon all our attention. Having two would be company for both, but someone is home most of the time in our home to provide and seek company. I have had three non-Devon cats at a time previously, so that is not the issue so much as the fact that Devon's ARE special, they ARE part of the family.Let me know if you have found a new home already, or if we could possibly help. Susan

  • They are beautiful! I wish you the best of luck - there have been a lot of happy endings on here lately with rehoming, so I hope your babies become the same :)
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