If you need to re-home your Devon Rex or know of a Devon Rex needing rescue, please post a Discussion here.

This Group is also for members looking to adopt a rescue Devon.

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  • oohhhhhhhhhhhh he is beautiful!!!!

  • That is great news Sasha. He looks very much at home already. Smile.gif

    ( I tried to add the photos into the post for you but the first 2 appear sideways for some reason. ) 

  • Last week we picked up our lil man dexter, he is about 3 years old.he has fit right in and is the most adorable puss ever, my lil shadow.




  • Hi cindy, I have just sent you an email.
    thanks :)
  • Hi Sasha,

    If you would like to contact me directly, I would love to discuss the option of adding a retired girl to your family?

    Leetamy Devons
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