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March 24

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  • Hi Allison, just got your message and added you.Smile.gif

  • Thanks, will do :)
  • Hi Allison,  how did you go with the 7 year old?  Have you got any more info?

  • HI Allison,
    Yes very interested. Let me know when you get more info.
  • Devons are very addictive.  I know I couldn't live without at least 1 or 2, despite them being so naughty at times

  • That is so great Allison, congratulations on your new family members!  You will never be without a Devon now. Smile.gif

  • Hi Allison and welcome to Devon Zone.
    As a member you are able to add photos, videos, add & reply to forum posts, personalise your own page, join any of our Groups.
    Feel free to alter your user name (your real or full name is NOT required) Smile.gif

  • Hi Alison,

    Welcome to Devon Zone. You will find many different forums to become part of then next  October you will be given the opportunity to put your little precious Devon angel in our calendar that is done up beautifully by the administrator .Grin.gifSmile.gif

    I have not been back in a few months, especially because I have been very busy preparing for my husband's 2 surgeries coming up.

  • Hi Allison, welcome to Devon Zone

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