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  • Hi, Andi. I am wondering if you might still be interested in Samson? He is coming back here today as the youngest child in his new family has shown a severe allergy to cats! The family are devastated and have tried to ignore it, blame it on something else! But unfortunately, Sammy must go. Please let me know if Heidi-Rose is interested? Ciao, Cass
  • Thanks, Andi - but I don't think she would make Heidi-Rose very happy! Some years ago, I thought that she needed a companion and so I brought Sammy into the family. Bindi took one look at him and never let him forget that he was the interloper! She managed to tolerate his presence for 3 years, but only if he did not come too close (or play with anything she wanted - typical toddler behaviour!) Since Sammy left, Bindi her returned to her usual playful, attention-seeking self.

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  • Hi Andi, welcome to Devon Zone

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