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March 7

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  • Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday to you!
  • Great news Carina. I'm so glad Baby is home safely!
  • What a relief for you. Welcome home Baby
  • Sending my best wishes for Baby's return. What area of Melbourne are you in?
  • Sending positive thoughts for Baby's safe return
  • Hi Carina, Here is the pattern I use.

    Coats for Cats

    To fit a loved Devon Rex Cat

    Materials :- 2 Balls contrasting wool (8ply wool mixture)
    Size 6 or 7 needles

    Code MC Main Colour
    CC Contrast Colour
    K knit
    P purl
    RS Right Side
    WS wrong side
    REP Repeat
    Alt Alternate
    Beg Beginning
    Cont. continue
    Rem Remaining
    Foll. Following


    (Begin with neckband)
    Using 6mm needles and CC cast on 43 stitches
    Begin Rib using MC Ist row K2*P1, K1, Rep from *to last stitch K1
    2nd Row K1, *P1, K1, Rep from * to end
    Repeat last 2 rows until work measures 7cms from Beginning ending with a 1st row (RS will be facing when neckband is turned back)
    Keeping rib correct, cast off 6 stitches loosely at beg of next two rows (31 st)
    Begin Stripes: using MC work 4 rows stocking stitch using CC work 4 rows Stocking stitch
    Last 8 rows form stocking stitch stri[es throughout.
    Cont. in stripes, increasing one stitch at each end of next row then in every following alt row until there are 45 sts.
    Cont in stripes until measures approx. 20 cms. from neckband. Work last row on WS (thus ending with rows of MC
    SHAPE BACK:- Keeping stripes correct, decrease one st at each end of next row, then in every 2nd row until a suitable length for your cat, Work one row using CC.
    Cast off loosely (Knitways)
    Do not press.
    Using yarn needle darn in ends. Secure the two straight edges together and the collar sides together

    Altered to fit a 2-3.5kg Devon Rex Cat

    Penny Jones Kerwin
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  • Hi Carina & welcome to Devon Zone
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