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March 22

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  • Sammy is doing really well now. Fitting in beautifully. He still gives Houdi grief,  but I think it's all in good fun now. And yes he's healthy, his standard nickname now is very simply, fatty

  • Sammy really is making himself at home now. He is the first one to greet us at the door when we come home and he is really looking for affection, there is of course plenty for hi.. He and Houdi got into a big dust up a couple of days ago, white fur everywhere, but no damage. They sleep on the same couch most of the time now, so they must have had some disagreement and took it out to the car park.

      We are really getting to know him and his little idiosyncrasies now. Out of curiosity, would you have any pictures of him when he was a kitten? Would dearly love to see what the little man looked like as a bub.

  • It appears we're getting somewhere.....Mr Samson has realised that if he wants couch snuggles, he has to suck it up and deal with Houdi being there too....And you hoped for a pic of all three, and it has happened....

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  • Thank you so much for supporting Devon Zone Cass! Your donation is very much appreciated and also helps our Shelter Cat at Ingrid's Haven.
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  • Looking good at our end. My two are curious, but in no way aggressive. We've had one little spat. My boy's curiosity got the better of him and he got too close and Sam told him off. No aggression in return from Houdi. So it's looking good. we've tucked him up in the laundry for the eveining. So they can all sniff each other under the door :D

  • Hi Cass. Thanks for your number. I will give you a call this evening.
  • Hi again Cass. Is Samson still needing a home? My mother is interested? Please call me :)
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