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March 27

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  • LOL About Sam looking like he had a fight with a hedge trimmer.... my Gizmo, is just bald, bald as bald.... well except his tail, very front of his face and paws.  He loves me stroking his paws, must be as they are furry!  hehehe

    Yes, Malinki (Burmese) and Gizmo get along so well.  I read a lot about introducing new cat members, and followed the suggestions and it worked so well.  Malinki won't let Gizmo share our bed though, that is 'her' zone and boy is she protective of it.  Gizmo sneaks up though of course .. wiggles in close inch by inch, reaches over with a paw to touch Malinki ... and Malinki wops him one.  They play beautifully, though I am sometimes concerned at how well Malinki can slam-dunk him, but he comes back for more!!!  They are beautiful together ....

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  • Hi Cindy Welcome to Devon Zone

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