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Devon's having Fits

HI I was just wondering if anyone has had their Devon's suddenly start having fits for no reason..
MY Devon yesterday I noticed that she was drooling from the mouth but I just wiped it and thought nothing of it.
This morning I was woken up by her what

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Bathing your Devons

How many peoples Devon's love being bathed .. Mine love it .. I am so surprised they don't make a sound when they are being bathed and just sit in the bath waiting to be washed..
I am so glad because the White Devon gets so dirty at times..

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New Devon

Hi I have just brought my new Devon home and my other Devon is devastated and wont let anyone pat her . She just hisses at everyone and has gone for my daughter twice.This is out of character . My other two cats just hiss at him and growl when he com

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