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May 24

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  • Mine are very laid back & are getting on now, but they like people, but no way as active as Devons.

  • Atticus is amazing! I have never seen a Burmese that looks like that! He looks like a british shorthair, or a russian blue. Amazing!

  • Hi Elisabeth,

    I am going nuts. The post was so long, that there was actually a note under it that read, sorry I have reached my limit. I was glad I had finished it. I look at your little Jellybean, and I feel like, I am looking at my precious 12 year old Devon Koko that passed in my arms last May.

    I actually found a partial post that I sent, but could not open it to see if the pics were attatched, but I do not think so. Problem is, I do not know where the missing e-mail or pictures went. I am going to check my activity, and see, if it is there. Then, the before after blog you set up.

    I would never tell someone I am sending photos, and not send them. Nicole is really trying to help. I appreciate her. he always replies. I think, she is in Australia too. Maybe, Devon Zone is? I am not sure of too much right now.

    I am totally rambling. I am going to look now for them.

    I hope you are having a great week.

    Cheryl Smile.gif



  • Thanks for the comment about Coco...I am in love with my Devon and love the seal points!  I could have a dozen of them!  :)

  • Your lil jellybean is gorgeous!


  • Thank you Elisabeth.  Stella is very talkative & is such a sweetie, but they are all individual & all have amazing personalities.  I can't imagine life without a Devon.  If you look on CW you will probably see more photos of my folds.

  • Hi Elisabeth.  Welcome to Devon Zone

  • Welcome to Devon Zone Elisabeth.

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