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Grooming a devon's coat?

 My little Bean is a year old, and today I noticed 'fluff' coming off him.....so I out my furmigator that I use on my ragdoll, used it very gently and it got off lots of 'fluff' off her.

Is that ok to do?

Furmigator image is   "Here"    (click)

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Devons and bonding with others

All the pictures I see and my experience with my Devon, indicate that Devons love snuggling together with another cat. I know they're heat seeking, but I think they also love company.My Devon and my Burmese are nearly always snuggling together, playi

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Devon's sleeping with humans

My cats have always slept on the bed with us. Our Burmese snuggles under the covers so gently and sweetly. He is my little hot water bottle.The thing is with my Devon Jellybean 10 months old, some nights she is insanely insistent on snuggling right i

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Seeking Bathing Tips

I saw Holly' Sparticus in the bath - the photos, and I just think Jellybean might really like it too. She is such an adventurous cat. 

But the thing is that she is now 7 months old going on 8 months and never had a bath.

Any tips on how best I can go a

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Cheese and Devons.....???

Jellybean has taken a liking to cheese. She doesn't like low fat cheese, but loves chedder cheese.  If I let her she would eat a handful of grated cheese, but i only give her a sprinkling.

So is cheese ok to give cats?

Can I do it once a in a while....

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