November 11

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  • Congratulations Franca! You submitted "Photo of the week" on Devon Zone this week - Koko!
  • Was just reading some of the comments below and realise that you are getting your kittens from Nahren.  My sister is picking up her kitten tomorrow and presume they are from the same litter. I am also getting 2 female adult cats from Nahren. Wendy has finished breeding with them and I pick them up on the 14th. Their names are Nova (3yrs old) and Ella (4yrs old).  I can't wait to bring them home.



  • You didn't happen to get your kittens from Wendy a breeder in Kyneton did you Franka?  They look very similar colourings to the one my sister is getting from them tomorrow.


  • Thank you, your little ones are quite the charmers themselves <3.
  • Yes nice to see over the world all that lovely Devons
    Nicole did agreat job to do this may hugs to you and our cats
  • Welcome to devon zone greetings from Amsterdam
  • Bobby is Candy's full brother but a different litter.
  • It will be the longest 2 weeks of your life   LOL.  I notice the web address you have - are they coming from Wendy?  My youngest boy, Bobby is Nahren Bobby Dazzler.
  • Hi Franca,


    Oh I see..I wondered if Wendy had registered a new account under the name Franca. Its just the area for Registered breeders to list their website addresses. Smile.gif

    I hope you enjoy the site.

  • Hi Franca ( Wendy?) . Welcome to Devon Zone.
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