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New babies for Tilde

Here are a few pics of the new babies. As we lost Tobias earlier this year Tilde and Ripley were mated to Seamus and these will be his last litters. A couple of them are such huge babies, in fact I don't think I have ever babies so big at this age. T

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Help !!!!!

My girl who gave birth yesterday is trying to pull the kittens cords off. I just caught her picking them up by the cord with her teeth. Has anyone experienced this or can give me some idea of what I might be able to do????I won't be able to sleep ton

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Tilde bubbas have arrived!!!!

Hi allTilde had three babies this morning. 107, 102, 102 grams so all great weights. She was a bit traumatised with no. 1 which was the largest. Settled down by the end. It looks like we have a beautiful chocolate/silver tabby and white girl, a blue

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Kittens have arrived!!!

Hi guysRipley had four babies tonight. Two black smokes and two black and white. I think she is finished. I am surprised she didn't have at least five or six given the size of her and it is still possible she will pop another one out but the last kit

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Spraying/peeing remedies

As most of us depending on our circumstances have spraying problems inside our houses on occasions, I thought I would relay some of the success I am having with my neutered boys using a homeopathic remedy from Holistic Animal Medicines. While it hasn

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Tilde and Ripley pregnant

Hi guysWell after one unsuccessful attempt with Tilde a few months ago, both girls are now pregnant to Tobias. Ripley is very large and is now 5 weeks and Tilde is 3.5 weeks. It will be the first time I have had two litters at once and I am really ho

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Waiting patiently for some action!!!

Tobias is now just over 10 months old and he has been trying very hard to do the deed when my girls have been in season for the last few months. Ripley has been very ready the last four days and he is so close it is not funny. He has all the motions

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Hi Helena

You mentioned in your other post that you have friends who are using Suprelorin. Has it worked well for them and on average how long has it taken them off call for? Is it generally a full 12 months or shorter period of time. Am very interest

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Time and topics for online discussion

Can we have some suggestions for times and topics to get things going.Is Wed night a better option than Thursdays for members, 8.30 or 9 pm maybe???Topic suggestions:Janelle - FIPGill - Managing difficult behaviours. I am thinking of aggression betwe

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